I started writing almost ten years ago after a whole story played out in my head on a late drive home one night. I have written many stories since then and even have one published… the first of many! Click below to read A Stranger on a Train

Hello there! My name is Isy but you can find me in bookstores under the author name I.P. Powers or on here as BusyIsy.

I am a writer, author, and adventurer. I have a great love for many things, hence the name BusyIsy, but writing is at the top of my list. Writing stories can sometimes be a long process so I have my blog on here that I add to weekly. Sometimes I write about places to travel to, things to cook, maybe a chapter from my next book, or my thoughts on happenings in my heart or the world… But I can promise you that it won’t be boring! If you like traveling, cooking good food, and being inspired to chase after your dreams then I think we will get along just fine. I hope that you will join me and get to know me plus reach out to me so I can get to know you, the person behind the screen. Click below to subscribe! Plus you’ll never miss when your next favorite book will be out! 😉

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