Fear vs. Adventure

I’ve been doing a bible study that has you find the idols that you might have in your heart. One of my idols that I thought I had was fear. Fear of not knowing what might happen, the ones I love might get hurt, and just not being able to control things. Well today in the study we discussed that fear is not the idol but fear is what we hold on to when we are afraid of losing the thing we made our idol… fear of losing the person you thought you couldn’t live without, fear of never becoming who you thought you would be, fear of whatever it might be. Fear is not the idol but the thing that protects your idol.

When we are able to let go of the things we think we can’t live without then we are able to go places we never would have been able to before. When I was young my biggest fear was my mom dying because I depended on her, I did not know life without her, and I thought that I could not live without her. Every night before bed I had a very specific prayer that I would pray that would basically just be telling God to not let anything happen to her and have her live until she was one hundred.

I became older and realized that it would be painful and hard but I actually could live without my mom because God did not make me to depend on another human being but on Him and with Him I can do all things. As I got older my fears became different but in reality they were just protecting my idols, the things that I thought was protecting me. I would never write or post anything for people to see because I was fearful of rejection and people not liking me. So, by me not letting anyone see what I had created protected me from being hurt. I used to sit in the car for so long when I arrived at a high school party because I was so worried that when I got there I would have no one to talk to and I would be alone. I let myself miss out on so much by protecting myself from something that “might” happen.

I was not actually ever controlling anything bad from happening to me but I was ensuring that good things did not happen to me.

One of Breck’s dreams in life is to be able to have a motorcycle that he could ride whenever he wanted. I know that he’s a skilled rider and would do fine on the road but I couldn’t guarantee what the other drivers would do. Will they see him? Will they hit him? Will he be safe? This is my best friend, my number one, and my person… How would I be without him? But the truth is that I am not guaranteed anytime with Breck at all. I have this moment now with him and I hope that I will have tomorrow with him but at the end of the day I only have now. How much more am I going to enjoy the time I have now if I am not worrying about what could happen? If I leave my might happens, could happens, and should happens to the one who created me and just be.

“Here I was trying to save my soul, trying to do the work that you had already done.”

We will miss out on so much life, on what God has called us to be, on the blessings God has for us if we live with fear being the thing to protect us. The God that created the mountains high and the valleys low, stretched out the heavens and the earth, also created you… He knows the numbers of hairs on your head and the number of grains of sand on the beach. I know that He loves Breck more than I ever could. I know that He loves me more than I ever could. I know that He loves you more than anyone else ever could. I know that life is so much better when we trust His plan and not our own.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” – 1 John 4:18

I am not sure if this is what you needed to hear today or if this was just for me but I hope that wherever you are in life you know that He has got you so you can let go and choose adventure.

Until next time,

XO, BusyIsy

11 thoughts on “Fear vs. Adventure

    1. Your blog is so good and uplifting. I have read all of them and celebrated God and celebrated Isy. You are loved beyond words.. I am not sure that any of my comments have reached you but thanksgiving and joy are out there in cyberspace from me to you!!!✨🌟🙃


  1. I just read this to someone who loves you very much and she is so impressed with your depth and perception of life for such a young person. We loved the thoughts you wrote and we love you.

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  2. This entire post is awesome. I wanted to let you know because I was only going to comment on one specific thing, but I really enjoyed it as a whole as well!

    You spoke about your fear of posting things for people to see. I think I share that fear. I have distanced myself from social media for a pretty long time now, and I think a big reason for that has to do with self image. If I never post anything nobody has anything to say about me. I won’t ever put something out there that I wish I could take back. If I do, and people hate it, or I realize I was wrong, then how will I back track without looking foolish. These are all fears that keep me from commenting and liking things even when people (who I actually truly love) put something out there. My fear has distanced me, and prevented me from expressing my support. And that makes me really sad. So I am righting this comment because I support what you’re doing here. You are provoking thought and inspiring people to do a little better. I thought your “just do it” post, and this post, went well together and I’m glad I read them right after one another. Thank you for being brave. ❤

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    1. Thank you for supporting me and for being brave! I know it’s not always easy but in the long run we usually feel better in the end and we have no idea who we have impacted from being brave. You got this!


    2. Wow, Olivia…What a brave, transparent and supporting comment!!! ♥️ Truth be known we all probably struggle with these things, some of us more than others and at some times in our life more than others so it’s really great when we can support one another and maybe even expose why at times we don’t seem more supportive. You are precious!

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  3. Great post BusyIsy! Keep them coming…You never know who might need to hear the very thing you take the time to write! Whether they “like” comment or not.

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