About The Author

Hi there! My name is Isy. I am Texas born and raised but currently Oregon living with my husband, Breck. We have lived in Oregon since July of 2018. We trekked all the way across the states with our cat in the back seat, bearded dragon on the dashboard, and our fish tank in an ice chest. Besides not seeing the sunshine as much as in Texas and our family being 2,000 miles away… we absolutely love it here!

I am currently in the process of writing three different books but have published one story! Yay! You can find that here. While I finish up my other stories and work on sharing them with you, I will be adding posts here of my thoughts, adventures we go on (if you have the travel bug like myself than maybe you can get some ideas for your next trip), and recipes (cooking is one of my love languages so I am always making something to share). I came up with the name BusyIsy when my husband told me he would get me bees someday(I love gardening and all things outdoor). I thought it would be a cute name to sell my honey by but on top of that I am always up to about a hundred different things so it’s an appropriate name for me. My mom always said I was happiest when I was busy and I am sure that even when I am 80 that will still be the case.

Please reach out to me and let me know a little about yourself or maybe a book I should read!

“How much sweeter the journey is now that we get to share it together.” -I.P.

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