“The train was on time for Barbara and Barbara was on time for the train.”

I.P. Powers

I have finally finished my first book… of many! Here is where you will find the links to the books that I have out and published. I hope you enjoy a Stranger on a Train! Read below to see what it’s about. Click here for the iBooks version!

Barbara does the same thing every day and at the same time. She always rides the train on Wednesday at 4:45pm and she always eats the same meal afterwards. 

The Amazon Ebook version!

To Barbara the train seems as if it has magical powers. Every good thing in her life has happened on this train. Maybe the train does have magical powers or maybe it’s the magic from Barbara. All she knows is that every Wednesday she will be on this train, come rain or high water. 

Hugo never does the same thing twice. He enjoys living on the edge and never knowing what to expect but every Wednesday at 6:45pm he is at Lemposte Station waiting to walk Barbara home. On Wednesday he knows exactly what to expect but he doesn’t mind because he gets to walk home with Barbara. 

Join Barbara on her train ride and see where her journey will take her. Will hers and Hugo’s young love stand the test of time? Will they be together to the end of the line?

I hope you enjoy the read and come back soon for the next book!

XO, BusyIsy

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